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There are several differences and similarities between Franz Kafkat

These novels have similar participants because they lived an artificial life. Although they forced others to perceive them as a life in a comfortable life, the reality is that they have always struggled. These symbols were adopted in this way, even when they hated their experience. Gregor and Ivan had mental illness. Both of them were greedy for others. They also had a tendency to be determined to defend their beliefs. These authors also portray the main actors as weak men in accordance with the expectations of society. Ivan is determined to impress others. He lives in accordance with the standards of the upper class of the legal person of his age. Ivan lived outside his means, trying to satisfy that desire. He has incurred debts in trying to finance this expensive way of life.

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There is a place where he says that no one knows what kind of injustice he did to him. Because of what.

Psychological problems can be a symptom of mental problems. The wife who married was not the woman she loved. She has been married as a social pathway. He had no self-control, and that could determine his actions. Apparently his problems were added by his wife, as she always complained and drunk him. He also continued to deny that he had suffered most in his life. In order to impress his comrades, he wore dressing gowns, regardless of his economic condition, which was low. He bought the decor for his house so he could impress his comrades. In the last few days, he wasn’t fighting for himself because he was paranoid. His opinion was that he was a family burden, so he decided to die. This is stated in the statement he made to his daughter and wife when he told them that they should be happy because the burden would soon disappear. He thinks he hates the family and the doctor.

Ivan talks about his life and does not impress him because of what he did. At some point, he was sorry that the entire life in which he lived was a waste, though it was too late to change things. That’s good, because it shows that he learned his mistakes. Besides, at this point, he lears that he lived in a lie, and he accepts that he is not in love with his wife. Hate depth is indicated by sending his wife. This indicates that he has recovered from an initial state of life to impress his society. Clearly, he realized the essence of the right choice. He also gave opium to his wife, and it kills him, and he points to the hatred she has experienced with her husband. The last chapter indicates that he is in great pain. He admits that there is no need to hate his daughter and wife. It’s when he apologfies and tells them that he doesn’t hate them anymore.

Gromore also lived in accordance with the expectations of the people. His belief that all family needs must be met by the most capable family member. He was not a friend because he was confident of his ability to solve his problems. The sales officer complained that he did not make enough money. He’s obviously got a bad livelihood, because he claims he’s exhausted a pitied food. Gregor complains that he was tortured by his superior, but he must continue to work there to meet the needs of his family. Gregor lives for his parents because he’s struggling for debt. He does not like his work, though he knows it is necessary because it allows him to meet his needs. This is evident from the fact that he told his superior that his work allows him to support his sister and his parents.

Similarly, Ivan, Grodor suffers from mental problems, because he holds true feelings in his hands, because he does not want problems. He says he wants him to go straight to his boss to express his feelings, but he kept it to keep his job. He also does not belong to his family because he is also afraid to seek help from his sister with home affairs. His pretense affects his personality because he has internal conflicts that cause his mental torture. Finally, he became a monster when he had many legs.

In both cases, personalization affects the character characteristics of the characters. He forced them to confess that they lived in the same way that these symbols had allowed them to show artificial sides to others, hiding their real secrets inside of themselves. This has led to internal conflicts that have led to the emergence of a crisis of identification. During the last few seconds, the characters were face to face with true truth. Gregor admitted that he lived his life and Ivan agreed that he had not lived his whole life. His last words show this. They symbolized the reality that he would start a new life after death. These symbols die, it’s a big difference between them. Ivan died while he was surrounded by nurses and his family who visited him. Gregor was alone. It was for him even after he sacrificed his life for other people.